Oregon Hearing Center located minutes from downtown Toledo in Oregon, Ohio specializes in hearing aid sales and hearing aid repair that helps our customers get back into life. Too often hearing loss goes unmentioned or some people are embarrassed to admit they are having problems hearing. Learn to recognize the signs of hearing loss.

The big bulky screeching hearing aids of yesteryears are long since gone. At Oregon Hearing Center we have a wide array of hearing loss solutions for you to choose from, from invisible hearing aids to a hearing aid for every lifestyle and budget. There is no reason to not be able to hear the conversation over Thanksgiving dinner or be able to enjoy the subtle sounds of a bird's song. A hearing aid does not make you old, it helps you stay young, by keeping you engaged in life.

Let Oregon Hearing Center, help you rediscover the softer sounds in life.

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Oregon Hearing Center, there is no reason or excuse to sufffer in silence. We can easily and quickly fit you with a hearing aid that will help you hear the sounds you've been missing.
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Rediscover the softer sounds in life.
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